Gabriel Attal resigns after tumultuous election in France

The country's first gay Prime Minister is steps down amid left-green alliance surge.

Gabriel Attal resigns after tumultuous election in France

The final results of the French election are still being analysed but one thing we do know is that it is the end of the road for Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, at least for now.

A member of Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance, Attal took over as Prime Minister at the start of this year - becoming one of the country's youngest leaders but also the first French Prime Minister to publicly identify as a gay man.

Macron called the general election following a rise in votes for far-right parties at the recent elections for the European parliament. It was always a gamble - a tactic to try and consolidate the centrist alliance ahead of the French presidential elections in 2027.

To some extent, Macron's bold move appears to have paid some dividends - holding the far-right National Rally in third place, but yielding the overall majority to the left-green alliance.

The casualty in all of that is Gabriel Attal - he has announced his resignation as Prime Minister.

What happens next is going to be interesting but we're probably going to see a period of political stalemate in a divided parliament with all parties trying to position themselves to win the presidential vote in 2027.

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