We have a winner in the General Erection!

This is dick-mocracy in action.

We have a winner in the General Erection!

It's been a hard-fought campaign but we now have a winner in our General Erection vote!

Nine candidates presented their credentials to our readers and the world at large, and we can now reveal the results.

Over 1200 votes have been cast, and the results have been independently verified by a panel of impartial international observers.

The winning erection belongs to... drumroll... Candidate #4, Naked In Devon!

Congratulations Naked In Devon! You've won the grand prize of £100 and the admiration of men around the world!

See, politics doesn't have to be a boner-killer!


Who were the nominees competing for your vote?

In this campaign, our electorate had 9 contenders to choose from.

Here they are, in all their glory.

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