Playlist: Szopa - Where Do I Go

The first single from upcoming album, The Prayerbook.

Playlist: Szopa - Where Do I Go

Szopa is the performance name of Damian Melcki - an audio-visual artist from Poland.

Where Do I Go is the first single from Szopa's upcoming album, The Prayerbook, which will be released on 16 August.

The Prayerbook will be Szopa’s third album and promises to be an exploration of religion, devotion, authority and hierarchical structures.

Szopa reflects on religious core values, contrasting them with his personal experiences of growing up in a small and highly religious community.

At its core, the album contrasts fundamental values with Szopa's personal experiences, observing the corruption and manipulation of scripture for egotistical purposes.Szopa:

“The overall theme of the album takes inspiration from medieval Roman-Catholicism..." explains Szopa. "I use those themes to explore the ideas of social authority in the context of capitalism, as well as exploring religious devotion in contrast with devotion towards social figures, governments or hurtful ideologies.” 

Where Do I Go, the first single, features Cornish folk singer Kezia Warwood. The track is an electronic infusion with a driving beat tackling some big questions about life and death.

Damian Malecki has been making music since he was 16, developing the persona of Szopa in 2017.

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