RPDR All Stars 9: A showcase of talent.

Are you up to speed?

RPDR All Stars 9: A showcase of talent.

Need more Drag Race in your life? All Stars 9 is nearly at the end.

Let's get into it.

This was the penultimate lap or however that metaphor goes - the second-last episode of this All Stars series.

In many ways, this was a filler episode - as in not much happens - but it's important to remember that you could say that about this entire series.

This is a showcase of drag excellence, using the loose framework of a reality competition television show.

There's not really any stakes at play, no real consequences for doing well or not doing well.

It's just an opportunity to see really talented drag queens on television, talking about who they are and what they do, and serving cunt on the runway.

I'm totally okay with that.

What next?

The final episode of the series is next week, and it's going to be a talent show - which is going to be great to watch.

From there, we think that we somehow get to a Top 3 but what happens after that is unclear, but I'm guessing we'll end up in some kind of lip-sync for your charity kind of scenario.

Who's going to win?

I think it probably has to be Roxxxy's year.

The Cast

Here's who is competing for the crown.

Angeria Paris VanMicheals

Originally making her appearance in Season 14 - where she made it to the finale - Angeria is a Drag Race super-fan and brings the pageant polish to everything she does.


Originally making her appearance in Season 13 - where she made it to the finale - Gottmik came into the competition as a look-queen but discovered that she also had a talent for comedy.


When RuPaul pronounced that you were "born to do drag" you know that you're doing something right. We first met Jorgeous in Season 14 where she made a strong impact although didn't quite make it to the finale.

We're expecting to see a lot of lip-syncs from Jorgeous - not because she's going to flop at the challenges, just that everyone wants to watch her lip-sync.

Nina West

Comedy queen Nina West hit our screens in Season 11, coming in 6th place. She came into the franchise with a strong reputation and she's gone on to amplify that even further - a seasoned performer who is the face of wholesome, family-friendly drag.

Plastique Tiara

If you're only a casual viewer of the show, Plastique might seem a bit of a left-field inclusion in this All Stars cast. She debuted in Season 11, coming in 8th place. Solid. But it's Plastique's social media mastery that makes it a no-brainer for her to be in this line-up. We haven't done the maths but the consensus is that Plastique has the biggest social media audience of any of the Drag Race alum - ever, anywhere. She serves looks and she knows how to work a camera and engage with her fans.

Roxxxy Andrews

If ever there was a Drag Race alum who "needs no introduction", it's Roxxxy Andrews.

She debuted in Season 5 - possibly the best season ever - and she had another iconic run in All Stars 2.

Roxxxy is one of the queens who did the work to build the concept of Drag Race into what it is today.

Will she excel in this series? Obviously.


Shannel is the OG Drag Race queen. She was the drama on Season 1, and she was back for more in All Stars 1.

Shannel is very good at Drag. Will she be a likeable character on this season? Probably not. Will she give us some iconic TV? Undoubtedly.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

When it comes to finding the silver lining in your elimination, Miss Vanjie sets the bar. Eliminated first in Season 10, Vanjie instantly found love and fame for her tragi-comic exit. She was back for more in Season 11, and has built a reputation as an entertaining queen - whatever she is doing.

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