Same-sex couples begin registering partnerships in Latvia

A big step forward for queer people.

Same-sex couples begin registering partnerships in Latvia
Image published on X/Twitter by @nexta_tv

Two Latvian men, Maksims Ringo and Janis Locs, have become the first same-sex couple to register their partnership as a civil union under a new nationwide law that came into effect this week.

Local media reports confirmed that the couple registered their union at a legal office in the capital city of Riga. They exchanged silver rings at a party in the city’s main library with the hopes of replacing them with gold rings if Latvia ever legalises same-sex marriage.

“We are together for five and a half years - so for us, it’s mostly practical...” said Ringo, speaking to media.

A civil union between a same-sex couple secures rights such as hospital visitation, as well as tax and social security benefits. A civil union does not include any adoption or inheritance rights.

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