The Madrid Mini-break

This is the kind of energy that all cities should aspire to.

The Madrid Mini-break

The last time that I was in Madrid, I was unceremoniously dumped by a guy that I was deeply emotionally invested in.

Objectively, I can't hold Madrid solely responsible for my relationship dramas, but it has taken a while for me to return to Spain's capital.

The thing is, Madrid is an awesome city. There's no denying it.

Sure, the weather can be a bit extreme, but there's a vibe about this place that effortlessly establishes it as a city that has a strong sense of self, full of people determined to enjoy life to the fullest.

Madrid Pride

One of the busiest times to visit Madrid is during the city's annual Pride celebrations.

There's lots of permutations in the way that the LGBTQ community around the world marks Pride, but Madrid really is the bar in terms of what Pride excellence can be.

Awash with rainbow flags, thronging with homosexuals, there are concerts, parties, conferences, a massive parade, and an upbeat enthusiasm that everyone is here to have a good time.

Almodovar: The exhibition

Condeduque is Madrid's centre for contemporary art, and it's currently hosting a major exhibition celebrating the filmography of Pedro Almodovar.

The exhibition highlights the prominent role that the city of Madrid plays throughout Almodovar's storytelling. It's an impressive reminder of the filmmaker's impressive body of work and the way that he determinedly centres queer characters front-and-centre of the drama.

Ocean Drive

OD Hotels Madrid property was where we stayed on this visit.

The central location - Place de Isabel II - makes it an ideal base. This is a 72-room, contemporary hotel with great staff, and a roof-top pool. I repeat, a roof-top pool.

The men of Madrid

The sheer volume of attractive men in Madrid can be a lot to process - it's a little overwhelming.

Sure, I was there during the Pride weekend, so the streets were rammed with wall-to-wall good-looking guys, but even if you take the horned-up tourists out of the equation, the locals here are serving some serious sexual energy.

Although I've been doing my best with daily Duolingo lessons, my conversational skills in Spanish are embarrassingly limited.

Fortunately, most people here have enough English and enough body-language to make anything possible.

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