Theatre watch: Colin

Stepping out from behind the characters, Colin Hoult is embarking on a national tour.

Theatre watch: Colin

In his new show - simply called "Colin" - Colin Hoult is stepping out from behind the characters to tackle questions of growing up in a working-class family in Nottingham, with his mum who firmly believes they were haunted by a gorilla, as well as processing the grief of his dads death, which was a decade ago. 

The show sees him wonder if he can, and if he should, embody his own father (also named Colin) in parenting his son, he explores concepts of a “normal” family in the context of his repressed yet clearly neurodivergent parents. Acknowledging that more than just a name can be passed down from generation to generation, Colin gives a working-class perspective on being undiagnosed neurodiverse growing up.

He also talks about how he came out as bisexual later in life, whilst he is still happily married.

Colin Hoult will be performing "Colin" at the Edinburgh Fringe from 31 July - 25 August, followed by a national tour