Theatre Watch: Derek Mitchell

The show is Double Dutch - catch it at the Fringe in Edinburgh.

Theatre Watch: Derek Mitchell

Following a tour of Europe, Derek Mitchell brings his show Double Dutch to Edinburgh.

The show is about how when we initially meet someone, we get the conversation going by making assumptions about each other - from our identities, backgrounds and experiences.

Double Dutch showcases big, bold characters and accents, highlighting the funny things about people and their behaviours that happen every day, but maybe go unnoticed.

For our podcast, How To Date Men, we caught up with Derek for a behind-the-scenes look at the show.

In the conversation, we talk TikTok, first impressions, and the Olympic sport of stand-up comedy.

Listen to the episode.

Listings information

  • Dates: 31st July – 25th August
  • Venue: Pleasance Courtyard - Baby Grand, Edinburgh EH8 9TJ
  • Box Office:
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