Theatre Watch: Larry Dean

The show is Dodger - catch it at the Fringe in Edinburgh.

Theatre Watch: Larry Dean

Larry Dean is returning to Edinburgh with a new show - Dodger - in which he contemplates heroes and identity.

His hero was Elvis, but this year his thoughts have been all shook up. Stemming from his granny’s dementia diagnosis, a few things have been put into perspective regarding the people who deserve our respect and why.

Helping to look after his granny has also opened Larry up to reflect on his own mind since being newly diagnosed as autistic. He is now beginning to make sense of who he is and what that means for the people around him, not least his new boyfriend Mikey who seems to get Larry in ways that his previous partners never did. That could be a consequence of being friends before dating, or perhaps it’s just that Mikey shares Larry’s twin passions of Elvis Presley and leaving the UK for America as soon as is humanly possible.

Dodger is a show about finding out our heroes weren’t necessarily who we expected, and neither were we.

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