Things are getting awkward for Gwyneth and Diana!

Camp celebrations of iconic women.

Things are getting awkward for Gwyneth and Diana!

Joseph Martin and Linus Karp are the creative minds behind the chaotic joy of Awkward Productions.

Together, they make theatre that involves audience participation, multimedia presentation, pop culture references, puppets, and iconic women.

The Awkward team currently have two shows on the road:

Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story

An affectionate tribute to the diconic People's Princess. If you like camp exuberance and poking fun at the Royal Family, this is going to be your kind of show.

Gwyneth Goes Skiing

Bringing to the stage the full story of the courtroom drama that gripped all the gays.

Joseph Martin on How To Date Men

For our podcast, How To Date Men, we caught up with Joseph Martin for a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process.

In the conversation, we talk audience participation, finding humour in the absurd, and leaning into queer joy.

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