Watch-list: Stories From My Gay Grandparents

A late-in-life coming-out comedy.

Watch-list: Stories From My Gay Grandparents

A near-death experience catapults Grandma and Grandpa to finally come out of the closet and grab life by the boas. With the help of their big-city grandkids, they make up for lost time and start to live life as gaily as mother-tucking possible.

The series is written by Perrie Voss and Scott Farley, who also star in the series.

Perrie and Scott recently joined us on our podcast, How To Date Men, for a behind-the-scenes look at Stories From My Gay Grandparents.

In the conversation, we talk identity, queer creative community, and sugar daddies.

Listen to the episode.

You can watch the entire series of Stories From My Gay Grandparents on YouTube

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