Are you an ass man?

Guys with a good butt always get our attention.

Are you an ass man?

We've all seen the power of democracy in action - the way that we vote can shape the world.

Let your voice be heard on all the important issues - including boys and their butts.

Let us know - which of these guys has the kind of ass that gets your attention?

This is Round 2 of our #ButtsOnTheBallot voting smack-down.

Armond Rizzo was victorious in Round 1, but this time he's up against Alam Wernik - it's a tough call!

Candidate 1

Armond Rizzo is a pocket-powerhouse that helped define the power-bottom genre in porn. There's something compelling about a butt that you know won't quit, right?

Candidate 2

Objectively, Alam Wernik has a great ass. Admire it from every angle - give this ass some appreciation.

Cast your vote!

It's a tough choice but if you could only get your hands on one of these butts, which guy are you going for?


Round 1

In Round 1 of #ButtsOnTheBallot, we put Armond Rizzo up against Adrian Hart.

Armond came out on top with 55% of the vote - it was close but Armond is officially the power-bottom of Round 1 and he moves forward in the vote-off.

If you want to take an in-depth look at the butt of Adrian Hart, check out our NSFW edition where we give you every inch.

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