Canada’s Drag Race Vs The World S2E1: The recap.

Here we go again!

Canada’s Drag Race Vs The World S2E1: The recap.

Season 2 of Canada's Drag Race versus The World is now under way.

We got a fair bit of introductory scene-setting in this first episode, but the main challenge was a girl group challenge

The challenge

The queens divided into three teams of three. Different tracks were assigned to each group - the queens had write and record verses and come up with the choreo.

Like most girl group challenges, this was pretty entertaining to watch - we get to see drag queens doing drag queen things, and this is a cast of very good drag queens.

While Alexis clearly shone, she was with Eureka and La Kahena who weren't really in the zone.

Le Fil, Tynomi, and Fierce delivered a really solid performance.

But the standout group was clearly Cheryl, Kennedy, and Lemon, who smashed it.

The runway

The category was Best Drag.

As you'd expect from an All Stars cast, looks were served.

Alexis brought a top-tier Vegas showgirl gown with a peacock reveal. Stunning.

The judging

Everyone was judged as teams, which clearly left us with a winning team of Cheryl, Kennedy, and Lemon. Lemon was declared the overall winner, which probably gave the best storyline options.

The bottom team was clearly Alexis, Eureka, and La Kehena.

The Golden Beaver is in play and it does create an interesting dynamic. As the winner of the week, Lemon could save one of the Bottom 3 - effectively deciding who would lip-sync to stay in the competition.

Lemon chose Alexis, which was the fairest choice. If she was being strategic - as Fierce was counselling - she would have saved La Kehena.

The lip-sync

The track was Meaningless by Charlotte Cardin - this week's guest judge.

This is a good track - perfect for a drag queen lip-sync.

You've got to hand it to Eureka, she can deliver a lip-sync.

It was a clear win to Eureka, sending La Kehena home.

That seems to have given La Kehena to distinction of being the only Drag Race alum to be a double Pork Chop - eliminated first in two seasons.

The Cast

Alexis Mateo

Representing the US.


Representing the UK.


Representing the US.

Kennedy Davenport

Representing the US.

Le Fil

Representing the UK.


Representing Canada.

Miss Fiercalicious

Representing Canada.

Tynomi Banks

Representing Canada.

La Kahena

Representing France.

Final Ranking: This was not the redemption storyline that La Kahena would have been hoping for - eliminated first, again. She is a double Pork Chop.

Canada's Drag Race versus The World Season 2 will premiere on 19 July.

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