Drag Race Mexico - S2Ep5: The Recap.

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Drag Race Mexico - S2Ep5: The Recap.

Drag Race Mexico is back on our screens - season 2 is now underway!

Drag Race Mexico is back on our screens - season 2 is now underway!

This week was Snatch Game - an absolute staple of the franchise.

Snatch Game can be very hit and miss - usually it's a miss - but this edition was one of the most entertaining that we've had in a long time from all the various iterations around the world.

Unique and Luna seemed to have the strongest grasp on their characters. But the overall challenge was helped by having drag queens as the celebrity guests, as they helped lift the energy of the entire exercise.

The runway

This week's category was Anti Cis-tem.

We got a lot of variations on Punk through the lens of Vivienne Westwood, and a lot of messages about Trans rights and humanity and equality.

Jenary's presentation was probably the strongest with the biggest emotional impact.

The judging

In the top were Leexa, Unique, and Luna. Luna was declared the winner, which was fair enough, although I probably would have gone with Unique.

In the bottom were Ava, Elektra, and Horacio.

Horacio was safe, leaving us with a Bottom 2 of Ava versus Elektra.

The lip-sync

The track was Reina de Corazones by Alejandra Guzman.

This is a strong track with lots of energy and lots of energy - a solid option for a drag queen lip-sync.

We knew that Ava can deliver a power-house lip-sync but I wasn't sure what Elektra was going to bring to the smack-down. The answer, a lot!

This was a really impressive performance from both Ava and Elektra - confident, engaged with the track, and with lots of stunts.

Honestly, either of them could have been declared the winner. Honestly, it could easily have been a double-save.

But, no. Ava's roller-coaster ride in the competition came to an end and Elektra was declared the winner.

Episode 5, done.

The cast


Current Ranking: Things are looking shaky for Unique, although at least she's proved that she can survive multiple lip-sync battles and had a very strong Snatch Game performance. I'm not sure that we're going to see much more from Unique.


Current Ranking: Suculenta is going to need to step her game up if she's going to remain in this competition. So far, everything has been very "mid".

Luna Lansman

Current Ranking: Luna has been struggling in this competition but the win in Snatch Game has really put her on the map. Where will her trajectory go from here? I think this may have been the high-point in her run in this season.

Leexa Fox

Current Ranking: She's super-cute and gives main-character energy. She definitely feels like a contender.

Jenary Bloom

Current Ranking: Jenary is intriguing and she's starting to make her mark in this competition.

Eva Blunt

Current ranking: There's something really compelling about Eva. She's got a strong sense of who she is.

Elektra Vandergeld

Current ranking: Elektra has started very strong. Can she sustain the momentum? The stumble in the Snatch Game was the first sign of weakness but she survived the lip-sync and remains in the race.

Horacio Potasio

Current Ranking: Despite the stumble in the Snatch Game, Horacio is still the one to watch in this competition. Probably my fave.

Ava Pocket

Final Ranking: Ava's roller-coast run in this competition finally came to an end in Episode 5 - beaten by the Snatch Game and a lip-sync showdown with Elektra. Overall, this has been a great season for Ava - clearly establishing herself as an exciting stage presence and an entertaining performer.


Final ranking: With a witchy goth vibe, Garconne brings an interesting perspective to her drag. She made it to Episode 4, eliminated in the lip-sync by Unique.

María Bonita

Final Ranking: An experienced queen but we we didn't get to see much from Maria. Eliminated in Episode 3, beaten in the lip-sync by Luna.

Nina de la Fuente

Final Ranking: Eliminated in Episode 2, it was the dance challenge that was Nina's undoing - beaten in the lip-sync by Unique.

Ignus Ars

Final Ranking: Ignus is clearly a conceptual queen but we didn't get a chance to see much of her work in action - eliminated in the first episode. Ignus is the Pork Chop of the season.

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