Extreme play, for those that love it intense!

Bring your A-game to the bedroom.

Extreme play, for those that love it intense!

This article is for those that love themselves a bit of hardcore action. Much of our PR is spent on getting men on the self-pleasure train but we do not want to exclude those that have already left the station and are well into giving themselves a good time! In fact, some of you might already be familiar with our male sex toys, fetish, and other tools.

As a store our focus is on putting a big smile on your face. Whether this is through our tools & gear or poppers that you can get from our sister store. Today we highlight areas that will satisfy those who enjoy play in a more extreme form.

A salute to the greedy bottoms.

For those who do not enjoy anal play but love it and for those that size does matter, we have some products that will make you eyes water!

Sure, we have amazing dildo that some people can’t even look at, they are so big. You can just log on pick your size, shape and colour and give yourself a good pounding, easy. But we also have some items you might not be aware of. For example, our rotating dildo that comes in various sizes. Once it is in you can switch it on to rotate. This provides the most intense sensations. We are not talking about vibrating; this bad boy will rotate in your bum leaving you squirming with joy. A strong bottle of gay poppers might be useful in this case!

So, we have covered size, shape, and rotation. Let’s move on to intimacy. Many anal play lovers will confess that being fisted is some of the most intimate experiences they have had. To ensure you get the best out of this we have specialised fisting lube, gloves and other essentials. In case you do not have a fisting buddy we also have various dildos that are appropriately shaped. You can also try our inflatable anal toys range; this will give you the feeling of fulness plus the action of blowing up your bum will also give you some sort of feeling that you are not fully in control. This adds extra excitement.

Now to the tops or manhood man!

Extreme fun for your manhood does not only leave you with a big smile on your face but in some cases will also help performance in the bedroom! From simple cock rings to keep it hard for longer to cock sheaths that will allow you to do him harder. These are toys most of you might already have experience with. Other hardcore fun items can be found in our ball stretcher and sounding departments. Who does not love the heavy swing on your ball when you are giving it to some someone. Our Mister B steel ball stretchers are great if you can handle the weight. Of course, most of you will know how amazing a premium masturbator can be, the things they can do these days is insane. Sounding however is not something everybody is into. At first it might look a bit too painful but trust us when we say that it hurts so good. Sounding literally send shivers through your spine but in a good way.

Into Kink?

From BDSM to fisting we have it all in store plus lots of kinky gear to wear. Singlets, jockstraps, harnesses, and bottomless underwear are in high demand. The most popular practice seems to be surrounding your nipples. Whether you like your nipples sucked, twisted, clamped, or pumped we have got you covered. When I first started working here, I had no idea this was such a popular practice, more fool me! I am leaning more towards nipple suction fun, my pain threshold is not as high as some thus clamping my nipples is not something I love, but many do.

Get it on!

The whole idea behind this article is to provide suggestions or inspiration for you to get it on! The one thing we do always recommend is that you get some good essentials to enhance your play. Weather it is a quality lube, premium gloves, or the right bottle of poppers. It all adds up. You don’t what to be re-applying lube all through your session, so get something is long lasting. For those that do not know, don’t buy silicone lube when using toys as it can damage the product. We would suggest a hybrid lube, this is water-based lube with just a small amount of silicone that will not harm your toy.

Hopefully this has gotten you in the mood. If it has come and have a look in our stores.

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With love,
Team esmale