Looking for an online connection?

This free chat service makes it super-easy to connect with other guys.

Looking for an online connection?

One of our favourite features from online dating specialists Gaydar is the Chat functionality.

Why do we love to chat on Gaydar?

Sharing photos

Sharing photos is super-easy in chat.

At the bottom of the chat bubble, you'll see a little image icon. Click on that and send whatever you like. If you want to send a dick pic, that's cool. We're big fans of dick pics.

Sharing location

This feature is pretty cool. You'll see at the bottom of the chat bubble that there's a little Location icon.

To use this feature, you'll need to have enabled location sharing in your internet browser. If location sharing isn't working for you, you probably need to enable location sharing through your Preferences function.

You've got two options when you're sharing your location. You can simply share the location where you currently are, or you can drop a pin onto a specific location and share that.

So, if you're hosting, you can just share your location and he'll know where to find you. Or, if you're meeting in a nearby park, drop the pin there and you're all set.

Scam detection

This is probably our favourite feature of the new chat enhancements.

Next to the user name of the person that you're chatting with, you'll see a little World icon. Click on that and it will tell you which country matches their IP location.

This is a really important protection against scammers and fraud. If you're chatting to someone and they tell you that they're in London but their IP address indicates that they're in a completely different country, then you know to be extra cautious.

The IP location feature will only kick in on active conversations that are taking place after the upgrade to our systems went through. Any new messages that you receive should now give you that IP location option. 

What about the chat rooms?

Gaydar's chat rooms are still very much part of the Gaydar community experience.

In terms of the internet, the concept of joining a chat-room might seem a bit old-school, but - when it comes to connecting with other people online - they're a surprisingly good way of meeting people, joining conversations, and sharing information.

Chat-rooms are part of the community functionality of the Gaydar dating platform. Gaydar's chat-rooms are a great online tool that you can use to supplement your social life and make some human connections.

When you log-in to Gaydar's chat functionality, as well as being able to chat one-to-one with guys in your local area or anywhere in the world, you'll see that there are also a whole range of different chat-rooms available.

You can join chat-rooms that are based on your location or chat-rooms that are dedicated to topics that you're interested in. You can join the chat-room and see what everyone is talking about, or you can take your conversation into a private chat if you want to explore a topic one-on-one.

There's obviously a sexual edge to a lot of the conversations in the various chat-rooms, but there's also plenty of guys just reaching out to connect with other people in different parts of the world.

Being part of a chat-room is a great way to share thoughts, experiences, and fantasies. The chat-rooms are self-moderated by users - anything that seems inappropriate or potentially abusive can be reported to the Gaydar support team.

Obviously, chat-rooms are only as good as what you put into them. If you can't find a conversation in a chat-room that interests you, why not start a new conversation and see who's online? You never know who you'll meet in the Gaydar chat-rooms.

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