How to give a guy a tantric massage

A bit spiritual and a lot sexy.

How to give a guy a tantric massage

Tantra is a bit of a catch-all term that is generally used to describe the ancient traditions of meditation that focus on energy and consciousness.

In simple terms, the practice of Tantra is about embracing life, but we generally associate Tantra with intimacy and sex.

Being able to engage with the traditions of Tantra and benefit from Tantric practices such as meditation isn’t limited in any way by your sexuality, but it’s fair to say that gay men have been particularly enthusiastic at embracing the opportunities that Tantra provides to get naked and get intimate with each other.

It was in the late-60s in the US that Tantra retreats and workshops specifically designed for gay men began to emerge.

Today, there’s a wealth of opportunities – both online and in-person – through which you can explore the world of Tantra and discover ways in which focusing on your energy and consciousness can really boost your sex-life and maximise your pleasure.

How is a Tantric massage different from other massages

When someone describes their massage technique as Tantric Massage, it’s a way of applying some of the principles of Tantric meditation into a massage experience.

There’s not really any strict rules about what constitutes a Tantric Massage, it depends on the interpretation of the person who is giving the massage.

As a general rule, a Tantric Massage is going to be more intimate and erotic than other types of massage.

If the offer of a Tantric Massage is on the table, then you’d expect to get naked and be ready to get aroused. It’s not essential for the masseur to also be naked, but it’s fairly common that they would be. Your masseur’s hands are going to be all over every inch of your body. There’s no pressure on anyone for there to be a happy ending, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if the massage climaxed with a big orgasm.

Tips and Methods for Tantric Massage for Men

There’s no hard and fast rules about what makes a great gay Tantric Massage – it all comes down to what works best for you both.

Remember, the focus is on the massage. Sure, the sexual energy that you unleash in the process might take things a bit further than that, but start with the massage.

Think about the environment or the ambience of the massage. You want to be in a quiet room, somewhere private where you’re not going to be disturbed.

Ideally, you want to be able to control the light – you don’t have to light candles, but just being able to dim the lights and draw the blinds is helpful. You also want it to be warm – remember, you’re both going to be naked.

A good quality massage oil is fairly essential for a successful Tantric Massage session. Being able to heat the oil is helpful – even if that’s just putting the bottle of oil on top of the radiator for a bit. Don’t hold back on the oil – you want every inch of skin to be greased up and glistening.

From there, the essential ingredient is communication. You don’t have to use a lot of words, but if you’re giving the massage, make sure that you’re regularly giving gentle verbal prompts such as: “Is that okay?” “Does that feel good?”

If you’re receiving the massage, let your masseur know how he’s doing – a few well-placed moans will go a long way to ensuring that you’re both on the right track for maximum pleasure.

Check out the tips that BearTiger shared when he was a guest on the Naked Men Talking podcast.

How to Enjoy Tantric Massage as a Receiver

If you’re lucky enough to find someone who offers you a Tantric Massage, you want to ensure that you’re in the right head-space for the experience.

You’re going to be getting naked. It’s a good idea to be feeling fresh and ready for that. This is not a time for body hang-ups – your masseur is going to be getting very well acquainted with every bit of your body. If you’re worried about what you look like when you’re lying on the massage table, that’s going to kill the mood for both of you.

Try and really be in the moment of the experience. That means trying to clear your head of all your day-to-day stresses – a good technique to help you do that is to really focus on your breathing. Be really conscious of taking big, deep breaths until all you can think about is how good you’re feeling as his warm hands glide up and down your oiled-up body.

If you’re receiving a Tantric Massage, the focus is all on you. You might want to give some mutual pleasure to your masseur – such as stroking his cock or sucking his cock – but it’s good to check with the masseur before you get started as to whether that’s something that’s on the table.

A massage that comes with a happy ending is great, but don’t feel any pressure that you have to cum. If you’re focused on making sure that you cum at the right time, that can detract from the overall experience of the massage. Just try and relax and let whatever happens happen.

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