Is it really possible to have a 'No Strings Attached' hookup?

The complexity of encounters between men.

Is it really possible to have a 'No Strings Attached' hookup?

Are you NSA? Are you a no-strings-attached kind of guy? Do you feature guys who have NSA in their dating app profiles?

What does NSA mean?

If a guy is looking for a no-strings-attached hookup, what we're talking about is the classic one-night-stand.

It's just sex. It's a one time thing. You might not even know his name. You might not see his face.

If you want to scratch that itch without anything complicated - like emotions - then an NSA hookup is what you need.

Do you have to put it in your profile?

You probably don't need to be advertising that all that you're looking for - or offering - are no-strings-attached hookups.

It says a lot about the emotional state of our world when it's pretty safe to assume that if you're connecting with a guy on a hookup app, it would be fairly surprising if it was ever going to be anything more than an NSA fuck-down.

That's not really a new thing. It's fairly intrinsic in the DNA of gay culture - we used to go to bars to pick up guys, or cruising in toilets or the park. We weren't looking for love, we were looking for sexual satisfaction.

Is NSA a defence mechanism?

You don't have to psychoanalyse too deeply to understand that our focus on emotion-free, transactional sexual encounters is a way of protecting ourselves from harm.

There's no chance of being rejected if we make it clear up-front that this is a no-strings-attached hookup.

"At least I won't have to cook him breakfast!" I tell myself, as a late-night hookup leaves my apartment. At least I don't have to endure the hurt of him not wanting to stay for breakfast, of not wanting to see me again, of not liking me enough to want to get to know me.

There's plenty more guys on the apps. Plenty more guys looking for hookups. Plenty more guys looking for NSA.

Update your profile on and put the technology to work.