Let's talk about erections

Are you bringing your A-game to the bedroom?

Let's talk about erections

Obviously, as guys, we think about our penis a lot. We’re constantly touching it, adjusting it, jacking it, and finding ways and means to get off and shoot a load of cum.

However, most guys generally don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how their penis actually works. How does the penis go from soft to hard? If everything is working properly, it all just seems to magically happen when you need it – and frequently when you don’t.

When you turn your mind to it, erections are fairly fascinating things. When a guy is sexually aroused, blood flows into the chambers within his penis, engorging it, making it hard.

When you’re in the mood, ready for action, the clothes have come off, and it’s go-time, getting an erection shouldn’t really be something you’re consciously thinking about - your body knows what to do.

How does my penis go from soft to hard?

An erection is the stiffening and rising of the penis. This occurs during sexual arousal, although it can also happen in non-sexual situations. Spontaneous or non-sexual erections can occur due to friction with clothing, a full bladder, or nervousness. It’s also normal for guys to get erections while sleeping and upon waking.

The physiological mechanism that creates an erection is the dilation of the arteries that supply blood to the penis. This dilation allows additional blood to fill the three spongy tissue chambers in the penis, causing it to lengthen and stiffen. The now-engorged erectile tissue presses against and constricts the veins that carry blood away from the penis. More blood enters than leaves the penis until an equilibrium is reached – you now have an equal volume of blood flowing into the dilated arteries and out of the constricted veins. This is what gets your penis hard and keeps it hard until the additional blood is released from the erectile tissue chambers.

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Erectile Dysfunction

If your penis isn’t getting hard when you need it, this can be a source of major anxiety. If you’re not confident that you’re going to be able to sustain an erection, this can have a huge impact on your sex life, your social life, and your mental health.

Why can’t I get an erection?

If you’re having problems getting or sustaining an erection, it’s important to remember that this is actually really common – most guys will experience some form of erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

One of the complexities about erectile dysfunction is that there’s lots of factors that might be at play – it could be physical factors, psychological factors, lifestyle factors, or a combination of all three.

Physical factors that could be impacting your erections could include weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer, low testosterone levels, or side-effects from medication.

Psychological factors that could be impacting your erections could include stress, anxiety, or depression.

Lifestyle factors that could be impacting your erections could include smoking, alcohol, drugs, or fatigue.

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction only occasionally, then you might be able to figure out the likely issues – maybe you were really tired, maybe you’d had too much to drink – but if it’s happening regularly then you need to see a doctor to try and get to the bottom of the problem and make sure that there’s nothing more serious going on.

"About one in ten men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction…" explains medical adviser Dr Hilary Jones. "As there’s both a psychological and a physical element to getting an erection, the specific reason why a man is having difficulty either achieving or maintaining an erection may be fairly complex and not always immediately apparent."

Erectile dysfunction can strike at any age, but becomes significantly more prevalent as you get older. The National Health Service in the UK estimates that around 40 percent of men who are over 40 experience erectile dysfunction some of the time – and the older you get, the more likely you are to have problems in the erection department.

Health professionals generally talk about erections in degrees of hardness. There’s usually four categories - from soft to hard - Tofu, Peeled Banana, Banana, or Cucumber. An incredibly simple but effective system, it’s an easy way to visualise and articulate what’s going on with your body.

"While some erection problems are health-related, quite often lifestyle plays an important part…" advises health professional Matthew Hodson. "We know that smoking, recreational drugs, and alcohol can all have an impact on sexual performance, but also so can stress and anxiety. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle -  the more you worry about your erection, the less likely you are to be able to get one."

Make sure that you’re getting regular check-ups from a doctor. Regular health-checks will help to monitor things such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol – all of which can be factors that could impact your erections. Having a health check once a year will help identify any changes that your body may be experiencing as you get older.

Should I change my diet to improve my erections?

There's a fair bit of a debate about the role that diet plays in your sexual performance. There are some studies have shown that embracing a vegan diet improves the quality of a guy's erection, but this is probably just part of a broader picture between our physical and mental health and how that translates into sexual performance.

If you've got health issues such as diabetes, vascular problems, or obesity, then it's fairly clear that this is going to have a direct and negative effect on your erections.

If you'd like to improve the quality of your erections, taking a look at your diet is a good starting point - there's no down-side to eating a bit healthier.

Getting some exercise is also going to be a win-win. Even if it's just going for a bit of a walk each day - the better you feel then the more your body is going to respond to the cues of sexual arousal.

Also, take a look at your relationships with alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs.

Get your head in the game to improve your erections

Your mental health plays a key role in your sex life. If you’re feeling stressed, or if you’re battling with anxiety or depression, get some help to get things back on track before it starts to impact the functioning of your erections.

Should I be taking medication for erectile dysfunction?

There's lots of different erectile dysfunction medications out there - products such as Viagra and Cialis are the most common.

If you're thinking about taking something like Viagra or Cialis, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor about it - they can make sure that you don't have any underlying conditions or other medication that might be incompatible with erectile dysfunction medication.

If you can't get access to a doctor, or you're too embarrassed to discuss it, there's likely to be an online prescription service that will be able to deliver the medication to you.

It can be good fun to experiment with products such as Viagra and Cialis. Ideally, you wouldn't be dependent on them, but they can give you a different kind of erection experience. Especially if you're wanting an extended session of sexual fun, boosting your erection with some pharmaceutical assistance can help you maintain your erection for longer and delay ejaculation.

A lot of our issues with getting and maintaining erections are more psychological than physical. Particularly if you're a bit anxious about getting it on with someone new, that anxiety can translate directly into a disappointing erection. Giving yourself a bit of a boost with a product such as Viagra or Cialis can help you head into a hook-up with confidence.

Are there any side-effects to taking Erectile Dysfunction medication?

One of the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction is Sildenafil – a pharmaceutical medication which is sold as Viagra. Other variations of this medication are sold as Levitra, or Cialis.

This type of medication is described as a PDE5 inhibitor. The medication works by blocking an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 as well as boosting a chemical in your body called nitric oxide. The effect of the medication encourages the muscles in your penis to relax, allowing blood to flow freely so that you can achieve and sustain an erection.

This is a medication that is taken orally - as a pill.

Like any medication, you may experience some side-effects from taking Sildenafil or related products. This could include nausea, dizziness, an upset stomach, headaches, or muscle aches.

Most guys are able to take Erectile Dysfunction medication without experiencing any side-effects.

If you are experiencing side-effects, speak with your doctor to adjust your medication.

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How can I boost my cum-shot?

Whether you’d like to impress a partner in the sack, or just yourself, a massive geyser of spunk can be achieved with a bit of practice and tips and tricks.

There’s something undeniably satisfying about a large cum-shot. It’s not a competition or anything, but leaving your mark with a big spray of cum is a solid way to end a hook-up or a solo bate-session.

We’ve all seen the videos of guys shooting gallons of spunk, but the reality is that most of us are punching out about a teaspoon of cum of each time.

Another hard fact of life is that we produce less cum as we get older – once you’re past 35, you probably don’t want to be entering any biggest cum-shot competitions.

You shouldn’t feel any pressure to try and increase the amount of cum that you’re shooting, but if you’re wanting to film some content for your subscribers or just impress your next hook-up, why not try pumping up the volume?


There is a theory that by not cumming for a few days you’ll then have a bigger cum-shot when you do actually cum.

Whether that’s true or not is fairly inconclusive. If you’re donating sperm, they’ll ask you to abstain a few days before donating, but this is more to ensure that the sperm has matured and is ready to fertilise, rather than anything to do with the volume of what you’re shooting.

But your body does need time to produce semen – there’s not an unlimited supply on tap – so try extending the period between your ejaculations to see if that results in bigger loads.

Exercise, Sleep and Diet

It’s common sense that your body is going to function better if you’re keeping healthy and your diet is good.

An easy starting point is sleep. If you’re tired and rundown, your body isn’t going to be working at its peak. If you want a big cum-shot, make sure you’re getting some quality beauty sleep.

There may not be direct correlations, but there seems to be a pretty widespread consensus that smoking and drinking alcohol is bad for your cum. Quit smoking and drink less and you should see the benefits in bigger loads.

Staying hydrated is a really important step to take. Drink lots of water to make sure you’re giving your body all the juice it needs.

Stress is bad for your body. Whatever the cause of your stress – whether it’s work, money, or relationships – that’s having a negative impact on everything, including your cum-shot.

Most of us could benefit from adding some supplements to our diet to ensure that we’re keeping our bodies on track. A general multivitamin is a good starting point, but Vitamin D and Zinc are specific things that we’re often lacking – these are linked to Testosterone levels and so could help you boost your cum-shot.

Getting some regular exercise is an important part of generally keeping fit and healthy, so big cumshots is another incentive to hit the gym.

You might also want to consider some focused exercises for your pelvic floor. These are often referred to as Kegel exercises. Your pelvic floor is that bit of the body that connects the back of the penis to your anus – if you’ve got strong control of your pelvic floor then you’ll be more aware of what your body is doing during orgasm.


Edging is a lot of fun in and of itself – it’s the ideal way to extend your bate session and maximise your pleasure when you’re jerking off. Edging can also deliver big cumshots.

It’s not really clear why edging results in a bigger cum-shot, but there’s something about priming your body to the absolute limit that means that when the release happens, you’re firing on all cylinders.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are generally used as a way to delay your orgasm and extend your sex-play. That’s a form of edging, so wearing a cock ring will have some of the cum-shot related benefits of delaying your orgasm through edging.

Penis Pumping

There’s not a lot of science behind penis pumps, but they are fun to use occasionally.

Some guys will tell you that they get bigger cum-shots after pumping their penis. The results are inconclusive but we’re willing to give it a go!

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How to last longer during sex

Whether you’re training your body to outlast your partner(s) at the next big gay orgy, or you are just looking for a little extra stamina when “entertaining” just one guy, being able to last can make or break the sexual encounter.

In this article, we detail some helpful tips to make your next sex session last harder, better, stronger, but not faster.

Why Last Longer During Gay Sex?
Sex doesn’t have to be a marathon. Sometimes, what you need is quick and dirty. Also, one-on-one sexual encounters generally work best if you both cum about the same time – it doesn’t have to be precisely simultaneous, but it needs to be in the same ballpark.

So, just talking about ‘premature’ ejaculation is a bit of an over-simplification. Ideally, what we’re looking for is heightened control of our orgasm.

Once we’ve reached orgasms – once we’ve cum – we’re effectively on a time-out from sex. Our body needs time to recover before it can get back into the sex zone – this is called the refractory period.

If we’re in tune with our body, you have a fairly clear sense of when your orgasm is starting to build. You can then decide – yes, let’s do this, it’s a good time to cum, or you might decide you want to wait a bit and so slow down and delay your orgasm.

Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Put in some pre-game

If you’re worried that you’re on a bit of hair-trigger, you could try jacking off at a strategic point before the hook-up. This is a bit of a risky move, as the refractory period isn’t an exact science – it also takes the spontaneity out of sex.

A better pre-game strategy is to strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles. There’s lots of different exercises that you can do, but the objective is to understand where your pelvic floor is, and how it feels when you clench that part of your body. Doing a few quick rounds of pelvic floor exercises before your hook-up arrives is as important as having a shower and checking that your breath is fresh.

Communicate with each other

One of the best ways to tackle premature ejaculation and have some more control over your orgasm is to communicate with your sexual partner. You don’t have to do a lot of talking, it can all just be body-language and verbal cues. But if you feel that you’re starting to reach the point-of-no-return then let them know. Maybe they’re also close? Are you both ready to cum, or do you want to take your time and enjoy each other a bit more?

This is where taking a break or changing positions is a good move. If your body is starting to send warning signals that orgasm is imminent, taking a break or suggesting a change in positions gives you both a chance to cool down and refocus.

Take it to the edge

Edging is one of the essential life skills that you should learn early and practice often – it’s up there with how to suck dick. Explore edging techniques while you’re masturbating to figure out how to take your body to the brink of orgasm without going all the way.

You can take all of that edging experience into a sexual encounter. Help each other to get into that orgasm zone and then try and both stay there as long as possible. When you’re both finally ready for release, it’s going to be a total cum explosion.

Tricks to Increase Gay Sex Stamina

If you feel like you’ve got a bit of an issue with premature ejaculation, and you’re struggling to get on top of it, you could possibly try a topical anesthetic such as Lidocaine, Benzocaine, or Prilocaine. The active ingredient is a numbing agent – if your cock is hyper-sensitive, spraying a topical anesthetic onto it about 15 minutes before you fuck can help you reduce senstivity and delay orgasm.

Another option is to take an erection pill that contains sildenafil. This boost to your erection means that you won’t need as much stimulation to stay hard and so this may help you to delay hitting that ejaculation threshhold.

Can Drinks and Food Help Increase Stamina?

It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s fairly obvious that if you’re eating right and staying healthy, then you’re giving your body the best chance to function effectively.

Staying hydrated and drinking water is a good starting point. If you’re dehydrated, that’s going to have a direct impact on your sexual performance. Make sure you’re staying hydrated while you’re fucking – take breaks, drink water, then keep fucking.

Some people recommend Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is known to have anti-inflammatory benefits. How that translates into helping you control your orgasm hasn’t been established, but it’s worth a try.

Bananas could possibly help with your sexual function. It’s not just that they look like a hard cock, it’s the potassium and other vitamins and minerals that they contain.

Antioxidants are generally a good idea. While there may not be any clearly established correlation between boosting your intake of antioxidants and how long you can fuck, it’s not going to do you any harm to eat some blueberries and drink some pomegranate or watermelon juice. Delicious and good for your dick.

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