ManCrush: mcstrokinoff

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ManCrush: mcstrokinoff

If bate content is the kind of thing that gets your attention then you're probably going to want to check out the work of mcstrokinoff.

We caught up with mcstrokinoff to get to grips with his masturbation mission.

How did you get started creating adult content and sharing that with the world?

Starting out, it was more of experimentation than anything else.

Before smartphones you had to rely on digital cameras and "selfies" were more difficult. Plus, porn was downloaded through file sharing.

When XTube came out, I decided to post some of my personal collection and it took off. They were often short videos, mostly cum-shots, in my bedroom or dorm.

Nothing more than fun whereas now everything seems to be about monetisation.

I've been doing this for half my life now and keep finding ways to keep it exciting.

The content that you create is pretty much all masturbation content - mostly solo bates but some bate-buddy content? Would you describe yourself as a solosexual or a bator, or is that just giving your audience what they want?

The term "bator" is becoming more of an identifier because it sums it up but I would say that I'm solosexual.

Frankly, having actual sex is not a priority in my life. I do enjoy mutual jerk off.

My content has always been just me and my focus as it's easier to do. Bate buddy content is fun and I hope to make more, especially with toys.

Can you remember when you started to explore masturbation?

Masturbation came about when I was young and I'm sure in a way that's similar to many others - it felt good when I rubbed my privates against something.

I remember stopping close to orgasm because I didn't know what it was and thought something bad was going to happen.

When I found porn on VHS tape, still before puberty, I was dry orgasming but was jealous I wasn't able to shoot cum like the actors.

I would say masturbating was self-taught and as I got older I began exploring more techniques.

How has your masturbation experience evolved over the years?

By the time I turned 18 I already had my first Fleshlight. This was back when they had a pussy, ass, and mouth with a couple of textures.

I brought one to college and feared someone finding it because most guys had never heard of one and would think I'm weird.

Looking back now, it would have been different but I was shy. 

When I was younger I found it fascinating to load up a cum rag - often old pairs of underwear. I also had a sock for regular jerk offs. I never masturbated in a stereotypical way with lotion and tissues.

Toys have always been a staple but lately I feel that there's great ways to jerk off manually with lube.

What's currently your favourite masturbation toy to use?

Difficult to choose what my absolute favourite sex toy is but I can tell you my preference based on the situation.

If I'm looking for simple and easy to clean, "The Tube" by Doc Johnson is a great bedside-drawer type stroker. It's a step up from your hand.

For a more engaged session, I go with a Lovense toy since there's more features like Bluetooth which has patterns or being controlled by others. The handsfree Lovense Solace is a game changer.

For a happy medium, you can't go wrong with a Fleshlight - whether it's more compact or the full-size.  Fleshlights should be standard issue for all guys and I always recommend one for those looking at close-ended masturbators.

How does it feel to know that guys are really into watching you masturbate?

I think it's really cool that people like to watch me. Getting messages from folks saying "I remember you!" from XTube or old Tumblr is fun. It's crazy that after so many years some will instantly recognize me.

It's hard to say if I'm an exhibitionist because I'm not in the real world.

Solo content is interesting as you're watching someone do what is often reserved for private alone time.

Keeping it spontaneous often gets more of a reaction than a planned or edited performance. I'll put effort into a more intricate video and it'll barely get a response as opposed to a quick, grainy video wank.

Avid viewers also come up with the best ideas.

Your content doesn't reveal your face - how difficult is it to conceal your identity when you're an adult content creator?

It's true that I don't reveal my whole face. Perhaps some people don't like that but it alludes to some mystery.

Honestly, I prefer not to see amateurs or professionals either, leaving it up to the imagination.

Concealing identity is not particularly hard. You do need to be conscious of your surroundings and other identifiers.

I applaud those that don't care and are open about who they are, show their face, and even their location.

You do need to remember that the internet is forever so do not put out something you will regret.

Today, doing adult content has become more mainstream and less embarrassing.

What do you hope that people feel when they're watching the content that you create?

I hope that people feel some relatability. It's never been my intention to be a porn star or influencer. I'm just a guy. You can send me a message and I'll get back to you.

It's not about size in my content either. I never claim to have a large penis because I don't. You've got to use what you have.

I want my content to be less superficial and more relatable than others. You can do the same things I'm doing and be as creative as you want. There are so many niches out there and you don't need to do it all. 

Solo content is almost like getting off with another person - you feel what they feel, and it is worth it when someone says they did.

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