Reading List: MAN-X

The latest issue features an interview with filmmaker Ohm Phanphiroj.

Reading List: MAN-X

The latest issue of Man-X from Lope Navo is now available - this issue features an interview with filmmaker Ohm Phanphiroj.

“I encounter potential models everywhere - from streets to construction sites, with agencies serving as a secondary option..." says Ohm, in the interview. "Unfortunately, the realm of agencies often disappoints due to the restrictive and pretentious nature of some agents, leading me to prioritise direct encounters over agency channels.” 

As well as making films, Ohm is known for his photography - his work explores sexuality, identity, gender roles, age, and the male nude.

As well as the feature on Ohm, this 120-page May-Jun 2024 issue of MAN-X - ‘Boys, Sex, Bangkok’ - includes reviews of photobooks by TOM FORD, Paul Freeman, Bob Mizer, Slava Mogutin Art, Phil Dlab, and Joe Lally.

MAN-X is available from MagCloud

Lope Navo's Brazil

In his publication, Brasilândia Navo, Lope Navo showcases his love of Brazil.

"When you dream of Brazil, you imagine yourself gathering all the famous male supermodels down in Belmond Copacabana Palace penthouse suite and photograph them all naked, full frontal..." writes Lope Navo. "How can you ever forget about Tomas De Oliveira, Hideo Muraoka, Caio Cesar, Francisco Lachowski, Evandro Soldati, André Ziehe, Lucas Bernardini, Bruno Santos, Alexandre Cunha, Caua Reymond, Rael Costa, Diogo Souza, Diogo Castro Gomes, Rafael Lazzini, Rafael Verga, Rodrigo Calazans, Rodrigo Braga, Gui Fedrizzi, Jesus Luz, and Marlon Teixeira?"

In Brasilândia Navo, Lope Navo 195 pages of sultry and sensuous images of the men of Brazil.

Brasilândia Navo is now available

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