Ready to meet someone new?

Put the technology to work and unlock a world of opportunities.

Ready to meet someone new?

If you're interested in a bit of man-on-man action, then you're going to have to put the technology to work.

Dating apps can be a bit of an emotional roller-coaster, but they are the easiest way to see who is around in your neighbourhood and to let guys know that you're up for some fun.

Here at Means Happy, we're advocates for Gaydar - one of the original online dating apps that has been bringing guys together for over 20 years.

What sort of guys are on Gaydar?

All sorts of guys. Whatever you're looking for, chances are that they're on Gaydar. Our members are all sorts of ages, all sorts of backgrounds, all sorts of body shapes, and all sorts of personalities.

That's one of the great things about the LGBTQ community - we're all about diversity.

Keep your profile positive - don't focus on what you're not looking for, let people know what you are looking for. Also, keep your options open - often what pushes your buttons can come as a total surprise.

Is Gaydar for dating or just sex?

You can use Gaydar for whatever you're looking for. Lots of guys are looking for dating and relationships - it always makes us proud when guys tell us that they met their boyfriend or husband on the site. But there's nothing wrong with meeting up for a quick bit of fun. So, if a hookup is what you're looking for, then you won't be disappointed.

Where are most of the guys on Gaydar located?

Our members are everywhere around the world - it's hard to find a country where there's not guys using Gaydar to connect with each other. We've got a lot of members in the UK and across Europe, but we're also really popular in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Wherever you are, log-on and see who's closest to you!

VIP access

While everyone can access Gaydar for free, upgrading to VIP access unlocks a whole raft of features that takes your dating game to the next level.

Power search, enhanced filters, extra photos - it's all included in VIP access.

You can get VIP access every day of the year when you upgrade your Gaydar membership to VIP level.

How to get started?

Whatever you’re looking for, put Gaydar to work for you. Log-in and make sure that your profile is up-to-date, start a conversation, or jump in a chat-room. Use the technology - you never know where it might take you!