Short shorts for guys with thick thighs

Whether or not the warm weather is here - we can still be cute and queer.

Short shorts for guys with thick thighs

Obviously, you can wear short shorts whatever shape your thighs are - we just like the way that 'guys with thick thighs' rolls off our tongue. Literally.

Straight guys can wear short shorts - we've got no objection to that, we don't discriminate - but there's something undeniably queer and undeniably slutty about rocking a sexy pair of short shorts on a steamy summer's day when the sun is shining and the sidewalks sizzle.

We're not here to tell you how to dress for your body shape - if we had that figured out we wouldn't have to spend so long shouting at the mirror each morning.

We are here to give you some confidence. Whatever shape your body is, we love a guy in short shorts.

Obviously, we're not alone in that - there's a hashtag on Insta dedicated to it. Expert tip: use #gayshortshorts to avoid any confusion.

What are the different styles of shorts that guys have to choose from?

To be honest, there seems to be endless variations in the short shorts department - they range from cut-off denim, to  street-wear, cargo, or a classic chino.

Then there's athletic shorts, which have their own range of styles depending on what sport you're representing - football, running, basketball, and whatever other sports there are out there.

Do different styles of shorts suit different guys?

Body type and leg length are the main factors to consider.

In general, retailers sell shorts in 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, and 11-inch lengths. These measurements refer to the leg-length of the short - the smaller the leg-length measurement, the shorter the short.

Our advice is to go for the shortest short that you feel comfortable wearing, but you might need to experiment a bit to figure out what length feels best for you.

Are there any age considerations?

Age is really not the issue, but there's various reasons why you might want a bit of coverage on yoru legs.

For example, if you have lots of discolouration, varicose veins, or dry skin, then you may not feel confident to put every inch of your legs on display.

But if you're feeling good and looking great, throw some body-oil or moisturiser on those legs and let the world see them - whatever age you are.

Do styles of shorts change with fashion?

Retailers will always be keen to sell you something new, but if you're keeping it simple then you're always going to look good.

You don't have to spend a fortune on short shorts, but keep an eye out for brands that you know look good on you. It might be worth investing in quality shorts that are guaranteed to give you a boost in confidence.

Are there social occasions when shorts aren’t appropriate?

You might still encounter some restaurants or private clubs that insist on trousers, but the rules around dress-codes and suitable attire have relaxed dramatically in recent years.

Slutty pool-shorts are probably not the vibe you're looking for if you're heading out to dinner, but there's a pair of shorts for every occasion.

What sort of shoes should I wear with my shorts?

It pretty much depends what you're doing, where you're going, and what style of shorts you're rocking.

If you're in athletic shorts, you're probably going to opt for a sports trainer. Slutty pool shorts go with flip-flops or a summer sandal. If you're going somewhere a bit dressier, a leather slip-on and a pair of sunglasses will take you a long way.

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