The men of Bob Mizer on playing cards?

Time to put your poker-face to the test!

The men of Bob Mizer on playing cards?

If you're planning a game of strip-poker with your buddies, it's hard to think of a better deck of cards than this one from the team at the Bob Mizer Foundation.

Two casino-quality decks are available - red or black.

Each of the 52 cards in each deck features a full-colour image of an Athletic Model Guild model from the 1970s or 1980s.

The models aren't repeated across the decks, so you'll need to buy both if you want the full collection.

Just to be clear, there's no modesty pouches on these models - these guys are 100% nude so you get to admire every inch of these impressive men.

In the spirit of Top Trumps, the card includes the name of the model and the year in which the photo was taken.

The cards are part of a Kickstarter project from the Bob Mizer Foundation.

You can see some uncensored samples of the playing cards right here in our NSFW edition.

Bob Mizer: The NSFW edition
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