Theatre Watch: All The Fraudulent Horse Girls

An equine odyssey exploring childhood loneliness.

Theatre Watch: All The Fraudulent Horse Girls

Written by Michael Louis Kennedy, All The Fraudulent Horse Girls gives us the story of 11-year-old Audrey.

Spurned by the other horse girls in school for being a horseless loser, young Audrey sets out on an equine odyssey to prove herself, taking her on a wild ride from a botched attempt to liberate a police horse to the lonely Chihuahuan desert in Mexico and back.

The play is billed as a moving story of childhood loneliness, neurodivergence, and the agony and ecstasy of growing up - a music-filled saga of loser-on-loser violence, finding oneself, consuming passions and all things equestrian.

"All The Fraudulent Horse Girls was born of my fascination with the concept of ‘Horse Girls’, a class of young women whose passion for all things equine alienates them from their less hyper-fixated peers..." explains Michael Louis Kennedy. "I’d recently read a lot of Western Americana novels and was shocked by how lonely and violent they all were, so I set to work writing a play about a telepathic horse girl obsessed with hypermasculine Americana. I wanted to write a piece of theatre that was highly referential, joyous and fundamentally ridiculous in every way. I personally am a big believer in the value of silliness and eccentricity on theatre, and how it can function as a trojan horse for big feelings. Far from the modern wellness movements categorisation of loneliness as being a personal failure to adequately love oneself, All The Fraudulent Horse Girls revels in loneliness as a messy, complex, legitimate emotion."

All The Fraudulent Horse Girls will run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Pleasance Dome, from 31 July until 26 August.

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