What features do you get with Gaydar's VIP membership?

Use the technology and connect with guys near you.

What features do you get with Gaydar's VIP membership?

You can get the ball rolling with Gaydar's free service, but upgrading to the VIP membership unlocks extra tools that really help turbo-charge your search.

Let's take a look at the features that you get with Gaydar's VIP membership.

Who's Favourited Me

What is Who's Favourited Me?

This VIP feature lets you see which other Gaydar users have checked out your profile and hit the Favourite button.

Why is Who's Favourited Me a handy feature?

This is a great way of getting a head-start on finding guys that you'll have a potential connection with. By using the Who's Favourited Me feature, you already have a short-list of guys that have had a look at what you're offering and have confirmed that they like what they see.

Send them a message and see where the conversation takes you!

Incognito Mode

What is Incognito Mode?

VIP members of Gaydar can see who's viewed their profile. Incognito Mode allows you to fly under the radar so that you can view anyone's profile without them knowing that you've been checking them out.

Why is Incognito Mode a handy feature?

Sometimes you might just want to do a bit of background research without drawing any attention to yourself.

Maybe you've come across someone that you think you might recognise, or maybe you know them from work, the gym, or they're a friend of a friend. If you want to see what they've got going on in their profile without them knowing, it can be handy to be able to go undercover when you need to.

If you're looking for a specific type of guy to scratch your itch, then the Power Search feature enables you to set your filters and bring some real focus to your search for a connection.

Why is Power Search a handy feature?

Sometimes it's nice to browse and see what takes your fancy, other times - you know exactly what you need and you just need to find it in your size.

Power Search allows you to set the search filters to exactly the type of guy that you're looking for. It speeds things up, it cuts to the chase. Step away from the buffet, boys - the chef has prepared something special for you.

Hidden Pictures

What is Hidden Pictures?

Gaydar users are able to upload naked and explicit photos to their profile.

If you want to see every inch of what's on offer, then Hidden Pictures lets you do just that.

Why is Hidden Pictures a handy feature?

When you're negotiating the logistics of meeting up with a guy, it's important to know what's on the menu. Sure, his face looks good, but what about his ass? What about his dick? Let's see the good stuff!

Seeing photos of a guy in all his glory is also a good way to protect yourself against online scams. If he doesn't have any photos of himself on his profile, what's he hiding?

See Who's Viewed My Profile

What is See Who's Viewed My Profile?

What this means is that you can see which Gaydar users have taken a look at your profile. They may have sent you a message, but you can see that they've checked you out.

Why is See Who's Viewed My Profile a handy feature?

This is a great way to get a sense of the guys who have seen your profile picture and wanted to know more. It narrows the odds that you've potentially got a connection with these guys.

Send them a message - let them know that you've checked them out.

See where things take you!

Unlimited Profile Views

What is Unlimited Profile Views?

When you're browsing through the profiles of the guys that are near you, our free plan only gives you a limited number of guys that you can see. VIP members get an unlimited number of guys that they can browse through.

That's what we're giving everyone today - unlimited profile views.

Why is Unlimited Profile Views a handy feature?

If you're looking for someone that you can make a connection with or have some fun with, it's a good idea to cast your net fairly wide. The logistics of online dating and hook-ups mean that it's a bit of a numbers game.

Maximise your chances to connect with the kind of guy that you're looking for.

Read Receipts

What is Read Receipts?

Read Receipts is a feature that enables you to see if the message that you've been sent has been read.

Why is Read Receipts a handy feature?

Read Receipts helps you to know where you stand.

If you've sent a message to a guy, and he's read the message but hasn't replied, then it's probably time to move on and continue your search.

If he hasn't read your message, then he's probably busy doing something else. Circle back on this one and check in later.

Read Receipts takes a lot of uncertainty out of your online dating interactions.

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