What to watch: Behind The Trees

Paulo discovers what men do in the Forest of Whispers and his life is never the same again.

What to watch: Behind The Trees

Written and directed by Thiago Cazado, Behind The Trees - A Floresta dos Sussurros - leans into the drama of closeted men exploring a bit of man-on-man action in Brazil.

The story focuses on Paulo (Leo Carius).

Paulo is in a toxic relationship with his wife Jessica (Maria Guedes). While out cycling, Paulo ends up getting lost in a region known as the “Forest of Whispers” - a popular cruising spot.

Against his better judgement, Paulo is drawn to return to the forest - even more so when he starts to regularly connect with Luigi (Thiago Cazado).

Cazado has created a really watchable and engaging film that manages to balance comedic moments with the pathos and drama that his characters are navigating.

The drama is deliciously over-the-top, but at its heart is a clarion call to follow your heart and a celebration of the power of human connection.

Behind The Trees is distributed by TLA Releasing

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