Which are the best Gay Dating Sites?

There's nothing easy about dating but putting the technology to work is a good starting point.

Which are the best Gay Dating Sites?

Dating. What's it all about? Whether you're looking for a quick hook-up or something a bit longer-term, you're going to have to tackle the emotional roller-coaster that is dating.

There's lots of different ways that you can meet guys that you want to connect with, but for most people, the starting point is online dating.

How do gay guys date?

Historically - back in the days where it was illegal to be gay (and it still is in many places) - hooking up with guys was done on the down-low.

As we've made progress on LGBTQ equality, we can generally be a bit more open about who and what we're looking for.

You don't have to use dating apps to find a guy that you're into, but you may as well use all of the tools available to you - and dating apps remove a lot of the barriers to finding out who is in your area and who might be up for some fun.

Maybe you might meet up for a coffee, or you could go for a walk somewhere, or you figure out which one of you can host and then get down to business.

But if you need a bit of a step-by-step breakdown, here's a suggested way to approach things.

1. Choose A Gay Dating Site

There's lots out there. If you're not sure which is the right one for you, check out Gaydar.net. It's free to get started.

2. Figure out how to describe yourself

Look at some of the profiles that catch your eye. What information are other guys sharing? What are you comfortable sharing?

Remember, whatever you put in your dating app profile is pretty much public information that is available on the internet.

3. Don't be fooled by scammers

It's a bit of a sad reality, but there's lots of unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of guys that are looking for some intimacy. Make sure you're talking to a real person. If someone asks you to send them money, don't - block them. If something doesn't feel right - any red flags? - then move on to the next guy.

4. Be Clear About Your Goals And Intentions

It's worth reflecting on what it is that you're looking for. If it's a quick hook-up then you're going to approach online dating differently than if you're looking for something longer term. Be up-front with people about what you're looking for.

5. Don't put yourself in vulnerable positions

If you're heading over to some guy's house, and you don't know that much about him, let one of your friends know what you're up to. Frame it as a #HumbleBrag if that makes it easier for you, but if there ends up being some kind of drama on the date, then you'll feel better knowing that there's someone you can call on if you need to.