Top 6 Attractive Haircuts For Men

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Top 6 Attractive Haircuts For Men

A little hair makeover boosts the appearance and confidence of men. You can style your hair in various ways, from sophisticated undercuts to faux hawks. Indeed, an attractive hairstyle is the best way to draw people’s attention and exhibit your fashion sense. Are you a man who wants to look smart and presentable but is unsure what hairstyle would suit your facial features? Try these attractive male haircuts for the desired outcome.

Low fade

This hairstyle requires your barber to cut the hair on your sides and back shorter as they approach your neck. Your low fade should start right above your neckline and ear for a textured appearance. This attractive male haircut is popular because of its versatility. Moreover, almost anyone can pull it off with little effort. You can specify to your barber what type of fade you want: a low fade reduces your side hair to your skin, while a taper leaves much longer hair for a more professional and sleek shape.


A normal undercut follows one particular pattern: keeping your hair short on the sides and longer at the top, which creates a disconnected shape with no taper to the cut. Fine lines between the top and bottom characterise it. Undercut hairstyles have gained widespread popularity since 2018 as it is contemporary, attractive, dramatic and superb for guys who want to feel more masculine and confident.

There are multiple ways to style your undercut, and you can take inspiration from top celebrities like David Beckham and Justin Timberlake. To add a more dramatic contrast and create an even sharper disconnect, you may ask your barber to shave your sides with longer tousles on top, which blends well with a sharp beard.

Man bun

Classic man bun styles are not fading away anytime soon. These popular hairstyles can be personalised to look awesome on any face. To unlock this somewhat feminine style, you only need to comb your hair back and tie it together into a ponytail. How you wear your bun can vary according to the length of your locks. But for best results, you may opt to have your bun below the crown of your head. Although men with well-defined bone structures can rock their buns as slick as they prefer, you will find a looser one more flattering. It’s also worth noting that a professional barber can help you choose a bun length and style that suits your needs and improves your looks.

Classic pompadour

Pompadour hairstyles have been making waves since the 90s rap icon Vanilla Ice kept his hair short on the side, back, and high on the top. “Pomp” refers to the large and long hair on the top that gradually recedes towards your back. The extra length on top provides various styling options, and you can easily manage the sides and back. It doesn’t matter whether you have wavy, curly or straight hair. A classic pompadour will suit you with diverse styles. Therefore, feel free to comb over, slick back, or keep it loose and natural according to your taste.

Faux hawk

A faux hawk haircut attempts to mimic a mohawk in a unique style. In other words, it’s a modern reflection of the classic punk trend. The faux hawk has short sides with long trips of hair on the top styled upwards. While less intense than a standard mohawk, a faux hawk leaves incredible impressions. You can consider this attractive haircut if you want to look youthful and hot without necessarily appearing a bit crazy.

Bleached crew cut

If you are fine with unconventional styles, wear a bleached crew-cut hairstyle. This allows you to transform into a bold and new look. Feel inspired to surprise your friends by blending the crew cut with bleach. Those with long, diamond and oval faces, in particular, can try this style for perfect results. You can style up your bleached crew cut with earrings, a necklace, and piercings. You can also wear any attire to complement this sexy haircut and step out more confidently, so keep this in mind.

Overall, an attractive hairstyle fits your face and style. The above haircuts are just a few on-trend cuts that are cool for most guys. Hopefully, you have a fair idea of what to look for in your next hairstyle. However, you can also research other styles so you don’t lose inspiration. Your barber can also suggest the most suitable options based on your facial features, so keep this in mind.